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Ankle Fringe Green DADAWEN Tassels Boots Women's Biker Up Moccasins Lace xZYgqa

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We’ve made the process of selecting your material easy with our large granite slab displays. Choose your color, edge profile, and sink with the assistance of our qualified design staff. Bringing cabinet doors, flooring and tile samples along to our slab yard can be helpful in making your selections. You can also bring 12 x 12 samples of granite and quartz home with you to aid in your decision

With all cabinets in place, a CAD template is created with precise measurements specific to your project. Finished edges, corner radius, cutouts, etc, are established for our expert fabrication. Our technicians are happy to discuss details of your particular project design and preferences during templating.


At this stage in the process, we cut individual slaps of Granite or Quartz into custom shapes and sizes depending upon the measurements of each individual project. The pieces are then polished, sealed, and given a specific edge in order to make them ready for installation  


Our install team removes existing countertops and installs the new granite tops in just a few hours. The sinks are installed and faucet holes drilled on site, ready for your plumber.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen,  you may have a seam in your countertops. Our install team takes pride in the best seams possible. For minimal seam visibility we focus on:

Proper seam placement

Proper color match adhesive

Matching patterns and movement

Specialized tools to ensure tight and invisible seams

Upon completion, the new countertops are cleaned and sealed.

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Our goal is to transform houses into homes by providing exquisite service in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, and throughout the State of Kansas.


We offer beautiful countertops and vanities made with top quality granite and quartz to fit the needs of our customers. With state of the art tools and equipment we can produce precisely cut and polished slabs of granite and quartz.

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Biker Up Ankle Fringe Boots Green Moccasins DADAWEN Tassels Women's Lace Join our growing family of happy Sarto customers! Our attention to detail, great customer service and world class installation will enviably make you one of our hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Kansas.


Our natural stone selection is robust with slabs from Brazil, Italy, and other exotic locations. 

Boots Moccasins Tassels Fringe Ankle DADAWEN Up Lace Women's Biker Green GET A QUOTE.


Email for a Free Quote Or Call Us at 844-387-2786 .

Fringe Green DADAWEN Moccasins Up Biker Women's Tassels Boots Ankle Lace We’ll do our best to give you a competitive quote either immediately over the phone or within 24 hours for online requests.The more information that you can supply the better it will help us to provide an accurate quote for your project.



Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm​​

Saturdays: Appointment only

​Sunday: Closed


We would be happy to show you our quality products at the slab yard in St. Marys, located halfway between Topeka and Manhattan. Just please give us a call ahead to notify us that you are coming to visit. 

Some visitors bring a sample of their cabinets to hold against the various granite and quartz samples in order to get a better feel of what their project will look like. 

Main Office & Slab Yard

930 Jesuit Lane, St. Marys, KS 66536




Mon - Fri: 8am-5pm​​

Saturdays: Appointment only

​Sunday: Closed

8829 Highway 24, Manhattan, KS 66502


Fringe Boots Biker Green Women's Tassels Lace Up DADAWEN Ankle Moccasins



Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm​​

Saturdays: 10am-2pm

​Sunday: Closed

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